fairchat work

For companies we offer customized adaptations to meet their specific needs. Additional functions, CI branding, independent user administration, self-hosting and extended security standards are possible.


fairchat work

  •    On-boarding support, import of user data (LDAP/AD)
  •    Employee training, function extensions, individual customer care and support, also with SLA
  •    Creation and management of closed groups with unlimited number of users
  •    Audio and video conference with several participants incl. file and screen sharing
  •    Climate neutral hosting in the EU


from € 1,90 / user per month
*annual payment; excl. VAT


fairchat white labelled

Standalone messenerapp for web, iOS and Android with individual customizations and features.

  • App with organization logo, CI branding and free choice of name.
  • Simple integration into the existing organizational structure, autonomous user management (LDAP/AD) and personal single sign-on access.
  • Independent admin management
  • Self hosting possible, we deliver support
  • Secure Two Factor Authentication (2-FA)
  • Live chat widgets for homepage and mobile apps
  • On-boarding support, employee training, functional enhancements, individual customer service and support
  • Own audio and video conference rooms with file and screen sharing
  • Open and closed chat rooms with unlimited number of participants
  • Incoming and outgoing WebHook integrations


Standalone messenger app from € 7.850,- excl. VAT


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