fairchat hints and faqs

The full range of fairchat features can be used in a web browser at fairchat.net. The fairchat app is optimized for use on the road or rail.




In order to connect to fairchat, you have to go through fairlogin ("sign-up"). Because, unlike WhatsApp or Telegram, we do not use your phone number for identification or copy your contacts‘ numbers onto the server.

The easiest way to set up a fairlogin account is through your browser on your laptop or PC at fairchat.net or directly on the fairlogin page. The fairchat app also uses fairlogin to register. You must enter a valid e-mail address which you need to access to confirm your registration. In case you do not receive the e-mail, check your spam folder. >>Here you can find more tips on fairlogin.

After registering, it may take a few seconds until the emojis are loaded. Then you can start private chats and groups.




A notification of new messages is displayed differently depending on your device. For each chat room, you can set whether or not you want to be notified. Notifications are also sent when you are logged on to the mobile phone or desktop, if subscribed in the corresponding room and if you left the desktop for more than 10 seconds. If you mention a user (by using @firstname.lastname) this person is notified, unless s/he is blocking all notifcations. @all reaches all members of the group. 



How do I find my friends?

Once they have signed up, you can look them up by their nickname. You will find an icon in the app and a globe symbol in the web. The best way is to invite them by e-mail.


How can I invite other participants to a video chat?

When you press the video chat icon in a fairchat room, an invitation is sent, so that other members of the group can also press the button to participate. Each video chat room has a unique URL. By pressing the sharing icon in the conference, you can invite other people (even if they are not in fairchat). You can also start a video conference without registering at fairchat from the home page. Just enter a room name and then you can invite more people.


How do I apply for an account?

This service is provided on a fair-use principle. Anyone can use this chat and video conferencing service, who is accepting the fairkom cloud terms of business. You can login or register via the fairlogin button on the fairchat.net homepage. With he Single-Sign-On-ID fairlogin also other web services provided by fairkom or associated partners can be used at fairapps.net


How is fairapps financed?

Private use is free and without advertising. We do not sell any data. The fair-use principle applies, so we reserve the right to restrict accounts in the event of excessive use.

Our business model is that fairkom gladly offers specific solutions for companies or associations. On request, we also build an app and make it available in the Google Play Store and on iTunes. Our sales team will be happy to offer you an individual package.
Some more fairapps are only available in the BASIC or PRO subscription, according to your needs.


Where can I make suggestions for improvement?

We have a channel called “fairchat-general”, there you enter your suggestion or question, perhaps someone will answer you immediately. For bugs, wishes and suggestions you can also open an issue in the gitlab here.


Can I correct a message?

Messages are also sent as notifications by e-mail, if a user has set them up. As a result, messages should not be changed significantly later. The possible processing time is limited to half an hour.


How are the messages encrypted?

The connection from both the web chat as well as the fairchat app is established via https and Forward Secrecy. This means, the transmission path is so strongly encrypted that even if someone would record the communication and intensively try to crack the data stream, he or she would fail. For smartphones, the encryption of the memory is done by default (double-check on Android, if in doubt!). End-to-end encryption without record in the web browser can be activated at any time between two participants in a personal chat room in the upper right corner. We currently work on end-to-end encryption for all rooms- but that always includes compromises, such as the history not being available or that the concerned messages are not displayed on all end devices.


What appears in the search?

fairchat was originally intended as a community chat especially for our customers and partners. That is why it is also possible to search the chat directory for everyone registered. However, you are encouraged to use a user name that only your friends know. You can set up or change your username in your profile.

For customers, we also install our own instances, where only the employees are visible.

How can I upload a file with the Android App?

Depending on the version and model of your smartphone, there is another pre-installed file manager. Selecting a file or photo in the DCIM folder works best with Amaze File Manager. After touching the paperclip in the app, it usually appears at the bottom left.


How long are the messages stored on the server?

Since we provide the online chat at fairchat.net, messages remain stored on the server. This allows you to receive these messages if, for example, you log in later with a tablet. We do not aim to store messages longer than necessary. With other rocket.chat developers, we are currently working on a solution so that each user can decide for himself how long the messages should be stored. It will be featured in one of the next versions.


Do certain ports have to be open for the video function?

With fairmeeting, fairchat offers you a powerful audio and/or video conferencing function. The firewall should tolerate UDP 10000-20000. If this is not possible, the transmission will take place on the standard TCP 443 port, which may however limit the transmission quality.


Where do I report abuse?

Users are responsible for their own content. In case of violence or bullying being reported or if prohibited content is exchanged, you can report this >>here.


How do I delete my account?

You can delete a fairchat account in your profile. The fairlogin ID is retained, allowing you to keep using other services which use fairlogin as an identity provider. Please contact us if you wish the fairlogin ID to be deleted as well.


How is a high level of reliability ensured?

Our cloud services have a double backup, one in the same and one in another data center. The data center is equipped with emergency power generators and has multiple internet connections.
The availability of fairchat is 99.8%. Chat messages are not lost should a server be temporarily unavailable. A team of multiple system administrators monitors the availability and has installed its own monitoring system. We provide support according to the best-effort principle, SLAs can be established on request.

Is the address book of the smartphone uploaded to a server?

No, the address book is not uploaded to a server, which is why we are one of the few GDPR-compliant messenger providers. Furthermore, we do not make use of your phone number for identification.

What is the maximum group size for fairchat?

The group size is unlimited.