fairchat apps


Chat via web & app 

All functions of fairchat can be operated in a web browser under the address fairchat.net. In addition, there are various apps to choose, we recommend the fairchat app. The Rocket.Chat app is more extensive, but it is more cumbersome in the operation. All chat messages have real time synchronization on all devices.


Access on the web

For daily use on a PC or notebook via the web address fairchat.net we recommend Chrome / Chromium or Firefox. On Windows it also works with Internet Explorer 11 and Edge, where we recommend the desktop client

iPhone / iPad

fairchat app on iTunes



fairchat app on Google Play Store, or you can also install directly with apk.


Windows Mobile

app for Windows 10 Phone



FirefoxOS app



We recommend the internal browser. Alternatively, from BlackBerry 10.3 the Android version can also be installed. 



fairchat can also be installed as a separate program. There are versions available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.



fairchat has integrated a powerful video-conference function. Several users can use it at the same time and can
• see each other
• talk to each other
• give a hand signal if someone wants to speak
• show your own screen or a window
• write together on a text document
• temporarily disable the camera or microphone

You can start a video conference in a faichat room top righ behind the three dots. Or you simply go to fairapps.net
The video conference simply works in the browser (Firefox, Chrome and Android). You must allow access to the camera and microphone. For mobile use we recommend the Jitsi meet app:

Video conferencing app on Google Play Store or iTunes.


Screen Sharing

To share an application window or the entire desktop in a video conference, Chrome requires an extension for the web browser:

Chrome Desktop Sharing Extension